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From Jason Clary <>
Subject Re: snprintf.c uploaded
Date Sat, 11 Jan 1997 22:22:27 GMT
Well, I did mention it yesterday so I suppose I should have to agree with
this.. ;P  Umm, btw, gnu typicaly has an snprintf, I think.  I know
for a fact it does on linux...  so there will definately need to be
a HAS_SNPRINTF set of ifdefs around this whole damn file (or wherever
you decide to put it)

I downloaded it and am running it through some rigorous testing now.

Btw, keep in mind the other alternative for the future..  a psprintf()
that creates a new pointer to a string dynamicly allocated out of the
pool.  Like I said, I havent even looked at your pool code but if
anyone things its a good idea but noone wants to code it, I'll do it.
It would come in handy in these long url cases and long domain names..
even if they are long, you still have to service their request if possible.
any attempt to limit the length with snprintf will staunch security
problems but will break accessability for people with long domains
or sites with long url paths.

> Before adding snprintf() to the tree, I've placed it on
> in /httpd/incoming for people to download and test.
> Feedback welcomed!
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