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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Support organisations
Date Sat, 11 Jan 1997 17:40:07 GMT


> > I seem to remember that we actually just point to the Apache web pages for
> > related projects.
> Perhaps mod_php and mod_perl should be listed on the related projects
> page at then.  Here is the
> PHP entry if it is deemed appropriate to add.  Some may argue that this
> belongs in the Apache Module registry, but technically PHP/FI doesn't need
> to run as a module, it can run as a CGI with Apache or any other web server
> for that matter.  Of course, it is much more useful as a module.  It is also
> much bigger and more complex than your average module.  I think it belongs
> there alongside mod_perl.
>   <H3>PHP/FI Project</H3>
>   PHP/FI implements a simple HTML-embedded scripting language.  It includes
>   a built-in page logging/counting mechanism with the ability to log hits to
>   an SQL database.  It also supports a number of RDBMS packages including
>   mSQL 1, mSQL 2, mysql, Solid, Postgres95 and Sybase.  
>   For more information on PHP/FI see the
>   <A HREF="">PHP/FI Homepage</A> (Toronto).
> -Rasmus

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