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From Chuck Murcko <>
Subject Re: server timeouts and FIN_WAIT_2
Date Fri, 10 Jan 1997 09:02:11 GMT
Marc Slemko liltingly intones:
> ...
> Try disabling the call to sock_disable_nangle and any SendBufferSize you
> have.  
Tried these. Neither appears to have a measurable effect.

> The only other change in http_main.c that stands out is the hard_timeout
> and the reap_children changes.
> OTOH, Chuck may be seeing a different thing than others.  Unfortunately, I
> can't yet use 1.2 on our server that gets a good number of hits to see if
> I could see the problem here. 
> On Tue, 7 Jan 1997, Chuck Murcko wrote:
> > No difference without lingering close. OTOH, my internal proxy's FIN_WAIT_2
> > state connections are all from WIN95 boxes. 8^)
> > 

Chuck Murcko	N2K Inc.	Wayne PA
And now, on a lighter note:
"When I was crossing the border into Canada, they asked if I had any
firearms with me.  I said, `Well, what do you need?'"
		-- Steven Wright

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