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From Jason Clary <>
Subject Re: crlf patch for mod_include.c
Date Fri, 10 Jan 1997 07:49:08 GMT
> -1 for inclusion in 1.2.
> Don't you use <PRE>-formatted code anywhere in your SSI files?

hehe.. rarely.. but that config directive is easy and quick to turn
on and off..  I'm much more likely to have a button bar or some
other graphical object (my web stats system) that has tons of places
where it needs it.. the few times I've used <pre> have been only
one <pre> block in a file..  My stats page, for instance, has a few
hundred small images.. (actualy mostly the same image, but alignment is
very important and some versions of netscape screw it up even with
comments around the line break)

I didn't say include it in 1.2.. at least I don't think I did.. I just
asked if anyone was interested and thought I might as well post it
just in case anyone did find it usefull.. If you don't, then thats
fine.. I personaly find that it saves me a lot of time and energy and
as I run a commercial web hosting service I have to be able to
assure my customers that the sites I develop for them are reliable and
look good and look as expected no matter how its viewed.

Actualy, I only use it in included includes.. because my button bars, and
graphs are always in separate files from the page they are displayed on.
So there are tags around the whole file but only for that particular chunk
of the final page.

Well, you won't hurt my feelings if everyone thinks its stupid and
hates it.  For me, its saved me a bundle.  I just try to be nice and
share the idea in case someone needed it and hadn't thought of that
possible solution.


Live long and ... damn. how does the next bit go...


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