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From "Jason S. Clary" <>
Subject Re: Hello.. and why stick with NCSA config format?
Date Fri, 10 Jan 1997 00:26:51 GMT

> > As far as the configuration goes, does anyone here know of a good
> > reason to stick with NCSA's config format?  I mean, if there were
> > major changes in the core internal configuration of some sort would
> > you be opposed to change the config file formats to be easier to
> > deal with and be more like what the server is actualy doing?
> Following from your own example, why not let a module handle this
> also.  Would it be impossible to convert .htaccess and .conf
> directives to PERL syntax and use the power of a native mod_perl
> module to process these directives?  The point being that you'd
> define a mod_parse_config_std.c for how Apache behaves now, and
> then a mod_parse_config_perl.c for those of you who wish for Apache
> to be easier to configure (of which there must be several...).

Well, the reason I suggest this change is because getting rid of virtuals in
this way and making all virtual servers a host and there being no main host
plus the multiple port aspect per host would require a fairly significant
of the configuration structures.. (i.e., losing listeners, and cutting out a
of the stuff in the main server config)  Thusly everyone would have to re-do
a lot of their config anyways.  But, it would make a lot more sense and
I think it would work better programaticly than the current combination
of listeners and virtual hosts etc..

> I love big words.
Big words?  Hmm?  ....  

(Jason franticly tries to write a word compression algorith that still
leaves the words readable and understandable.  Something based
of gzip and PEM)

Yea, cheers.. (I love brit slang... ! ;P )

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