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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: snprintf()
Date Tue, 07 Jan 1997 11:18:56 GMT
Chuck Murcko wrote:
> There's also a time-tested one in xinetd, and a varargs version of same:
> (excerpted from the man page for the str lib functions)
>        All functions are similar in functionality  to  sprintf().
>        Their  only  difference  is  in  their  return values. For
>        information about  their  conversion  capabilities,  check
>        Sprint(3).

Oh yeah... I _do_ recall this version... I seem to recall that the
Sprint library was kinda large and that the str_/strx_ functions
called something like __strconv in Sprint()...

I think if we include this, it should be in the same way as
the regex implementation (ie: it's own subdir). I think it's too
big to be in util.c

I'm all for the one in xinetd with the "sendmail" version (which
sendmail just uses, the actual source is from someplace else)
as a backup if Sprint becomes too difficult.
      Jim Jagielski            |       jaguNET Access Services           |
                  "Not the Craw... the CRAW!"

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