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From (Rob Hartill)
Subject apache_1.2b4 build in Ultrix (4.x) (fwd)
Date Fri, 03 Jan 1997 12:32:17 GMT


whatever next ?

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Date: 	Thu, 2 Jan 1997 23:11:42 -0700 (MST)
From: James Stephen MacKinnon <>
X-Sender: jmack@pawnee
Subject: apache_1.2b4 build in Ultrix (4.x)
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	For DECstations running Ultrix, /bin/sh isn't the "standard"
shell (drat...). However, the DEC supplied /bin/sh5 does the right thing. 
Building the configuration in the Ultrix environment requires that the
Configure and helper/* scripts be changed to #!/bin/sh5 rather than #!/bin/sh

This can easily be accomplished with a simple 'Build.ultrix' script, which
could be added to your distribution in the src/ directory, with a note
in the INSTALL file to use this for Ultrix rather than Configure:

# name: Build.ultrix
# for Apache web server sources
# modify the Configure scripts to use /bin/sh5 instead of /bin/sh
# for the Ultrix environment, and run Configure afterwards as normal:

echo 'modifying scripts for Ultrix /bin/sh5'
for i in Configure helpers/GuessOS helpers/PrintPath; do
	cp $i .jnk
	sed -e 's/sh/sh5/' .jnk > $i
	chmod +x $i
rm -f .jnk

# run Configure:

# the end :-)

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