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From (Rob Hartill)
Subject Re: function prototypes
Date Thu, 02 Jan 1997 17:11:29 GMT
Alexei Kosut wrote:

>As long as it throws in a Vary header, server-driven negotiation can
>do whatever it wants, and still be to the 1.1 spec. Situations like
>these should probably be more customizable in mod_negotiation. Why
>MSIE in particular, anyhow?

MSIE picks up the "Accept-Language" from Windoze's country setting.
If you say "I live in Germany" you end up having MSIE send an Accept-Language
of "de" (and nothing else).
There's no way to override the setting. mod_negotiation stings these
people bad.

>> Also, is a module allowed to change r->filename, refresh r->finfo then
>> return DECLINED so that other modules can play with the request. Or have
>> I broken another rule ? :-)
>Not really. Depends which API phase. I mean, the access, fixups and
>logging phases run through all the modules regardless of whether they
>return OK or DECLINED (anything will signal an error, of course), and
>the MultiViews code sort of cheats in this regard, similar to what
>your description is (although in a different sort of way).

I made it a 'type' handler.

>At any rate, I would say that doing this is not breaking a rule,

Good. Now I can release such modules to a wider audience knowing they're
not too hackish.

Did I mention my Meta-Equiv handler ?. Another day.


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