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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject Re: function prototypes
Date Thu, 02 Jan 1997 13:58:14 GMT
Paul Richards <> wrote:

> The API issue needs looking at properly for 2.0. We don't really have a
> published API as such, we have mechansisms that make extensibility of
> the server easy. There's no published interface regarding what
> can or can't be done from modules. This is a problem waiting to happen
> since it's clear that mod_perl at least is using some internal aspects
> of the code that some people weren't expecting it to. Changes to
> supposedly internal behaviour of the server is going to break modules
> unexpectedly unless we have a published interface.

I think a simple API listing would be a good start.  Learning the API from
source code is not the best way and can certainly lead these sorts of 
I've already documented mod_perl's subset of API support, much of which 
could be re-used for the C API documentation.  If you have the package 
around, type 'perldoc Apache' or under mod_perl-x.xx/lib run 'pod2html Apache'
to spit out
You're welcome to re-use any pieces of this, or at some point, I could
start the public C API listing, then you can tell me what else I should
not be using ;-)


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