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Subject Re: HTTP/1.1 header problem (fwd)
Date Mon, 23 Dec 1996 09:17:36 GMT

On Sat, 21 Dec 1996, Rob Hartill wrote:

> sameer wrote:
> >	Isn't Roy our local HTTP cop? What does Roy have to say? I
> >hope he isn't on vacation or something.
> He's on vacation in New Zealand I think, but when he was here he
> made it quite clear that a 1.1 version number was correct in response to
> a 1.0 request when the server was 1.1

That most certainly is my understanding as well. I did try and ask
this at the last IETF; but the answer was muddled enough to confuse
me :-) Anyway I've been going throuh old mail on the httpd-list and
found several references to myself as an 'idiot' cause I predicted that 
the early 1.1 servers where going to have a configure flag to allow them
to pretend to be an 1.0 when connected by a 1.0. The flurry of mail
following that made clear that the group at that stage considered 1.1
a dialict of 1.0 and NOT a new version; and there seemed clear consensus
(by those vocal) that a 1.1 was the _only_ appropriate response; and 
that anyone who would answer (AOL) in those cases with a faked 1.0
was to be shot and was most certainly standing in the way of 1.1 
progress. But quite a few people did see a difficult transition process 
and where urging server vendors not to waver from the right path :-)

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