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From Ed Korthof>
Subject AOL / Lynx problems
Date Tue, 17 Dec 1996 21:52:54 GMT
We're still having problems w/ AOL 3.0 for Windows... a when this came up,
Rasmus suggested sending an HTTP 1.0 header back to see if that will fix
the problem. 

While I'm in agreement that this should not go in any released version of
Apache, at this point, since one of our clients uses AOL and we get a
substancial number of hits from AOL -- and AOL isn't going to do jack
about it -- I want to provide at least minimal service for AOL 3.0/win. 
Has anyone put together a patch for this?  If not, I'll work on it... just
as something which is hard coded in, though, w/o a configuration option.

Also, we've been getting requests from Lynx browsers with screwed up
Accept strings, which are rejected w/ a 406 error.  Here's an example:

   HTTP_ACCEPT = application/x-wais-source;q=0.000,
   application/html;q=0.000, text/plain;q=0.000, text/html;q=0.000,

Clearly no browser should be sending a request w/ a q value of 0, but we
might consider just disregarding the Accept header or the q values if we
get such a request.  I remember there was a similar problem a while back,
but I seem to remember that it had misformatted q values, rather that
simply incorrect ones.  Any suggested solutions?

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