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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: [Fwd: HTTP 1.1 header in Apache 1.2]
Date Fri, 27 Dec 1996 00:35:56 GMT
On Thu, 26 Dec 1996, Rob Hartill wrote:

> I switched within a day of you making the code change(s) for 1.1.
> I've had a couple of reports from users of exotic (aka hardly used)
> browsers (feedback reached the developers and they fixed it) and a
> couple of robots barfed on it (they saw robots.txt with HTTP/1.1 attached
> and chose to ignore the rest of the file).

Okay... that's good.

BTW, I've made up a test for Java implementations. Accessing the
following URL:
will link you to two pages that run an applet that contact (via HTTP)
the server and ask for a file, then display it. One page tells the
applet to get it from the server that's HTTP/1.1, the other from a
HTTP/1.0 server (actually, the same server, but from an nph script
that pretends to be HTTP/1.0). If the Java HTTP implementation is
"broken", the HTTP/1.0 version will just return the file, but the
HTTP/1.1 one will also give you the headers. 

The Mac JDK 1.0.2's AppletViewer is broken in this manner, but not
Netscape 3.01 (for the Mac). It seems (at least in this version) that
Netscape uses its own HTTP tools when an applet asks for it, not
Sun's. Which in this case, is good (it also means that the Java applet
can take advantage of Netscape's HTTP features - keepalive, for
example, or the Accept-Langauge setting).

It'd be nice if we could get some other data points from other
Java-enabled browsers and Java development kits. If all the browsers
work, and it's just the various JDKs that are broken, I am perfectly
comformtable telling the developers to upgrade. OTOH, if it turns out
that MSIE 3.0 (it has Java, right?) doesn't work, we should start
think about thisis some more.


P.S. My Java skills are not exactly great. This applet seems to work,
but I wouldn't push it. If anyone wants the source, (I have no idea
why they would) it's at

Alexei Kosut <>      The Apache HTTP Server

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