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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: Bug (?) in Apache 2.1b1 plus documentation corrections & a suggestion (fwd)
Date Mon, 09 Dec 1996 02:00:29 GMT
On Mon, 9 Dec 1996, WWW server manager wrote:

> (1) BUG: the documentation asserts that <Files> sections are valid in 
> .htaccess files, but attempting to do that gives an "Internal Server Error" 
> response for accesses to anything in that directory... The error log says
> [Sun Dec  8 22:22:15 1996] access to /x1/WWW/.htaccess failed for localhost, 
> reason: Invalid command <Files>
> [I hope I've not simply muddled something in the main config files ... I
> have AllowOverride All, and putting other things in .htaccess works, just
> not <Files>.]

<Files> needs to be used just like <Directory> and <Location>, with a
given path info (as stated in the documentation), e.g.
"<Files foo.gif>". Simply placing "<Files>" into the config file is,
as you've discovered, illegal (as well as meaningless).

> (2) It's unclear from the documentation for <Files>, given the comment about 
> leading "/" - which implies a full path can be specified - what files can be 
> influenced by <Files> in .htaccess (or could, if it worked...). Can it specify

> attributes only for files in the containing directory? Or there and 
> subdirectories? Or those plus files elsewhere in the server (over which a 
> hypothetical random user shouldn't be able to exert any control...)?

It applies to the containing directory and subdirectories.


> (3) A suggestion prompted by the extended SSI processing in Apache 2.1b1:
> It occurs to me that maybe the headers are fixed before the SSI processing
> happens, in which case this my particular suggestion may be infeasible even 
> if you weren't to rule it out as too specialised. It may be worth you 

Yes, they are.

The other notes on the documentation look valid, and we'll look into

Thanks for using Apache!

Alexei Kosut <>      The Apache HTTP Server

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