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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: Redirect weirdnesses
Date Tue, 03 Dec 1996 04:37:00 GMT
On Mon, 2 Dec 1996, Brian Behlendorf wrote:

> Hmm, I tried setting up a redirect for people who have pointed to the old 
> location of most of the module documentation to the new location:
>   Redirect /docs/mod_
> and when I try to access, I get "file
> not found".  Yet when I make it a full path:
>   Redirect /docs/mod_cgi.html
> it works fine.  Anyone want to venture a guess as to why this is happening?

It's a feature. Redirect and Alias, just like <Directory> and
<Location>, work only with discreet path segments. This is to prevent
the "I used 'Redirect /foo', but it also redirects things in /fooie"
bug, which comes up a lot - one of the things 1.2 does is fix this in
<Location>, which was a problem with <Location /status> and <Location
/info>, for example.

Use mod_rewrite. That's what it's there for.

Alexei Kosut <>      The Apache HTTP Server

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