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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject MaxClients/HARD_SERVER_LIMIT question
Date Mon, 02 Dec 1996 19:01:20 GMT

This can wait until post-1.2, but if anyone's interested I have an interesting

If MaxClients is set larger than HARD_SERVER_LIMIT, and HARD_SERVER_LIMIT is
hit, can there be some weird interactions which would cause the server to stop
refusing connections?

Background: we just launched, and have been getting some
incredible (by our standards) hitrates with it - on the order of 25-40 per
second.  This quickly filled up the HARD_SERVER_LIMIT-sized child table (we're
still running an earlier snapshot of 1.2) of 150 - and we noticed when it would
hit 150 for an extended amount of time, the server would freeze up and stop
answering HTTP queries, yet all the standard services worked and the load was
barely 0.05.  The weird thing was that our MaxClients was set to 192, for some
reason - so I'm wondering if that could have caused some bizarre interaction
internally, as if an algorithm assumes that MaxClients would always be less
that HARD_SERVER_LIMIT or something.  I've since recompiled to a higher
server limit and am not really interested in using as a test
case, but if anyone who knows that code well wants to walk through it with this
in mind, I'd be interested in the results.



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