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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject list/newgroup announcement, changes
Date Sun, 01 Dec 1996 20:16:47 GMT

I'll volunteer, then, to handle the announcement and the changes to the web site.  Randy, when you roll the tarball, put them in
/export/pub/apache/dist.  I will:

1) Move the existing docs hierarchy to docs-old just in case
2) cp -R htdocs/manual /export/pub/apache/docs
3) Set up a couple of redirects for anyone trying /docs/1.1/, etc.
4) Update dist/CHANGES and dist/header.html.
5) Update the top-level index.html
6) Send announcements

As for the announcement, I plan on sending the following text, along with 
the CHANGES file from the top-level.  Please let me know what you think - I
plan on sending this around 10pm PST when network latencies are their lowest.
Randy, please let me know when you've rolled the tarball.


  After a long wait, the first beta of Apache 1.2 is now available.  You may
download it from, or from one of its many mirrors as
soon as they are updated.  Apache 1.2 represents roughly 8 months of constant
development and fine-tuning, and incorporates literally dozens of significant
enhancements and features contributed by Apache users around the globe.
Though this is just a first beta, it is running and stable on a large
number of web sites, both commercial and educational.  We feel it is now
worth consideration by a larger audience.  The new features are outlined below;
please download it and give us feedback.  Thanks!




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