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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject comment on HARD_SERVER_LIMIT in httpd.h
Date Tue, 31 Dec 1996 06:17:02 GMT
src/httpd.h still reads:

/* Limit on the total --- clients will be locked out if more servers than
 * this are needed.  It is intended solely to keep the server from crashing
 * when things get out of hand.
 * We keep a hard maximum number of servers, for two reasons --- first off,
 * in case something goes seriously wrong, we want to stop the fork bomb
 * short of actually crashing the machine we're running on by filling some
 * kernel table (I was originally going to make this 256, but it turns out
 * that that would actually fill the process table on reasonably configured
 * machines).  Secondly, it keeps the size of the scoreboard file small
 * enough that we can read the whole thing without worrying too much about
 * the overhead.

HARD_SERVER_LIMIT was bumped up a while ago, but the note about it
not being 256 wasn't removed/modified.

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