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From Nathan Schrenk <>
Subject Re: Blaze??
Date Tue, 03 Dec 1996 14:59:14 GMT

> "There's a new technology being discussed called
> Blaze from Datalytics that should speed up browsing performance by
> '5x to 20x'. It avoids extra HTTP sessions by encapsulating all those
> inline GIFs and the HTML into a single HTTP transaction. So it
> requires modification of the server software, not the browser. A
> beta'll be out in December."

I'm pretty sure that this will require a browser plug-in as well as 
server modifications.  Quoting from the Blaze press release at :

 xSpeed will be available in mid-December for 
 inclusion in Web servers such as
 Microsoft Internet Information Server, 
 Netscape servers, and Apache on Windows
 NT and various UNIX platforms. xSpeed is 
 compatible with Microsoft Internet
 Explorer v3.0, Netscape Navigator v2.0 or 
 higher on Windows 95 and Windows NT
 v4.0 platforms. 

 Datalytics is releasing the xSpeed client 
 technology as part of a Web performance
 suite to be unveiled at Fall Internet World 
 in New York. Datalytics is teaming up
 with leading Internet companies to support 
 the adoption and marketing of the xSpeed

I can't imagine that this won't flop in a big way, since it's hard enoguh 
to get Joe WebUser to download a new browser when they come out, much 
less some obscure plug-in with promises of better performance.


Nathan Schrenk
Neoglyphics Media Corp.                    

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