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Subject reset_timeout() in mod_cgi
Date Sun, 15 Dec 1996 17:18:18 GMT
File uploads that take longer than the default 400 seconds defined in 
httpd.conf were timing out for people using mod_php.  I added a reset_timeout()
call to the client block read loop.  It now looks like this:

    hard_timeout("copy script args", php_rqst);
    handler = signal(SIGPIPE, SIG_IGN);
    while((len_read = get_client_block (php_rqst, argsbuffer,
        if((dbpos + len_read) > length) dbsize = length - dbpos;
        else dbsize = len_read;
        memcpy(buf + dbpos, argsbuffer, dbsize);
        dbpos += dbsize;
    signal(SIGPIPE, handler);

This seems to have fixed the problem.  Should the same not be done to 
mod_cgi.c?  It uses exactly the same mechanism to read from the client, and
it should have exactly the same problem with long file uploads.


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