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From Bartley Troyan <>
Subject Re: Document describing AOL problems
Date Fri, 20 Dec 1996 19:49:53 GMT
The word "effect" is used incorrectly (should be "affect") twice in the paragraph:

As near as we can tell, the proxy address is hardcoded into the AOL browsers, and at first
this changed seemed to only effect Win95 versions of the AOL browser. However, after a couple
days of work, AOL seems to have progressed further with their upgrade and the results now
seem to effect every platform and version of the AOL browsers. Netscape and MSIE used over
AOL connections appear to work fine, probably since they are not configured (by default) to
use the AOL proxy servers.

Gotta adhere to that English language spec when abusing AOL :-)
Otherwise, it looks great and should get some results, I hope...


You wrote:
# Randy and I have written a document detailing the AOL problems.  I intend to
# send notification of this document to www-talk and http-wg, in addition to
# some contacts at HotWired, and posting it on the Apache web site. Others here
# have press contacts they may want to exercise. I'd like some comments upon
# the document before we send it, however; please respond by 4pm PST if you
# can, I'll take the comments and send it out around 5pm. 
# It's at
# [An attachment was originally included here]
# Also, I will be gone from this Monday until Friday the 3rd, just FYI.
# Visiting in-laws in Annapolis, and then taking a train trip from DC to
# Chicago to Denver to Reno to SF. Not that anyone cares, just letting you know
# in case I don't respond.
# Brian
# --=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--
# [An attachment was originally included here]

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