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From "Ed Korthof">
Subject Broken AOL proxies
Date Thu, 19 Dec 1996 02:40:26 GMT
They have in fact propagated their broken behavior to all versions of the
browser (all that we've been able to test, at least).  To catch them by UA
string, you have to look for both AOL and aol... I hope no one else includes
the string 'aol' anywhere in their UA (wouldn't matter unless they sent an
HTTP/1.1 request, but if they did... <shrug>).

Not only that, I just have to add, by way of utter absurdity -- when accessing
all but one of our servers, their proxy added to the UA string 'via proxy...';
but with that last one, nada.  ?!@*(!~.

When I wrote to them, the person who responded forwarded my mail, and went on
to explain that he'd been told it was a problem w/ Apache (extrodinarily
unlikely, IMNSHO).  I just wish I had the address(es) for their proxy staff, so
I could flame the appropriate people.

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