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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: Listen appears to be broken under 1.2bx (fwd)
Date Wed, 18 Dec 1996 09:28:08 GMT
I've had some nasty problems with Listen, too. I didn't have the energy to
construct examples to report the problem, so I left it, then forgot about it.
In order to get Apache working on two ports, I had to have:

Port 8000
Listen 8001
Listen 8000

<virtualhost myhost:8000>

<virtualhost myhost:8001>

ALL of these were required, as far as I could work out. Leaving any of them
out had various undesirable effects. Particularly disturbing was that I seemed
to need a virtualhost for the "main" server, which is different to the
behaviour when listening to multiple IPs.

This is from memory+my current config file, so I may be slightly wrong...



Rob Hartill wrote:
> not acked.
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> Subject: Listen appears to be broken under 1.2bx
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> I just compiled Apache 1.2b2 and installed it on a Sparc 20 running
> SunOS4.1.4.
> The machine in question houses three separate web servers, two of which
> run as virtual hosts.
> Under Apache 1.1.1 I was able to specify that one of the two virtual
> hosts should listen at ports 80 and 2400 (this is a backward
> compatibility issue from when we used to run different server processes
> for the three different servers).  I specified the Listen commands as
> follows:
> Listen
> Listen
> Under 1.2bx, the server no longer recognizes requests to port 2400
> properly.  Instead, it sends the user to the non virtual host at port
> 80.  
> I use the php module in my compilation, but I doubt that this is causing
> the problem.  
> Is there something that has changed in the syntax used with Listen in
> the new release?
> I also notice that you can't specify a Listen command within a
> <virtualhost>...</virtualhost> area.  Listen isn't noted as one of the
> commands that you can't use in this area in the documentation, tho you
> get an error message back saying its illegal if you try to do so.
> Just something I thought I'd pass on.
> I've gone back to using 1.1.1 in the interim.... can you help me out??
> Rob
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