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From (Dean Gaudet)
Subject Re: Document describing AOL problems
Date Sun, 22 Dec 1996 04:53:04 GMT
Would this be a good time to investigate/expose other non-http/1.0
features of the aol proxy?  Such as the inability to properly respect
caching.  It could confuse the issue, but it would be nice if this thing
does become a big enough news story that they get their hand slapped
for more than just this violation.  Again I must profess to not having
tested their proxy for over a year.


In article <>,
Brian Behlendorf  <> wrote:
>Randy and I have written a document detailing the AOL problems.  I intend to
>send notification of this document to www-talk and http-wg, in addition to some
>contacts at HotWired, and posting it on the Apache web site.  Others here have
>press contacts they may want to exercise.  I'd like some comments upon the
>document before we send it, however;  please respond by 4pm PST if you can,
>I'll take the comments and send it out around 5pm. 
>It's at
>Also, I will be gone from this Monday until Friday the 3rd, just FYI.  Visiting
>in-laws in Annapolis, and then taking a train trip from DC to Chicago to Denver
>to Reno to SF.  Not that anyone cares, just letting you know in case I don't
>	Brian

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