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From (Dean Gaudet)
Subject Re: CookieExpires bug...
Date Wed, 11 Dec 1996 01:00:55 GMT
This looks like the standard "bug" where the module doesn't merge configs,
just overrides them.  (I've complained about this before... especially
w.r.t. the "intuitiveness" of the config language.)  After looking at
the code it's clear that only CookieTracking is configurable on a
per-directory basis, and not merged.

Here's a list of 1.2b1 modules which use per_dir_config but don't supply
a dir merger (and hence all have override semantics):


For some of those, merge isn't an obvious operation... but anyhow, I'm
just providing the list for information sake.  For all of those modules,
if they have multiple config directives then specifying any of those
directives in a per_dir (<Directory>, <File>, <Location>, .htaccess)
overrides all previous settings.  The auth modules, for example, can't
share a common password file and have multiple group files.


In article <>,
Brian Behlendorf  <> wrote:
>On Mon, 9 Dec 1996, Brian Behlendorf wrote:
>> Apparently when doing something like the following in httpd.conf:
>>   CookieTracking On
>>   <Vhost xxx.yyy>
>>   CookieExpires "10 years"
>>   </Vhost>
>> ...cookies are never sent for host xxx.yyy (though they are for the main
>> server).  I discovered this right as I was moving our main organic server to
>> 1.2b2 - eek. 
>More info: modifying the above to instead read
>  CookieTracking On   #i.e., cookie tracking for the entire site and its vhosts
>  <Vhost xxx.yyy>
>  CookieTracking On
>  CookieExpires "10 years"
>  </Vhost>
>enables things to work the way they should (and did with earlier 1.2-dev's).
>Any thoughts?
>	Brian

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