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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: auto-updated apache docs on wbesite
Date Tue, 10 Dec 1996 13:09:32 GMT
sameer <> writes:

> 	I've put in /export/pub/apache/manual a cvs chekcout of the
> docs and I created an appropriate .htaccess file. Someone should check
> my .htaccess file, I am not too familiar with <Files>. I have created
> a cron job to auto-update that directory at 3am pst every night.
> 	I personally think that it should stay as manual/ and that
> docs/ should be redirected to manual.

I'm not too happy with the way things are heading here. The .htaccess
looks fairly innocuous but please remember that ./htdocs/manual is
*NOT* the hyperreal web site area, it's the distributed
documentation. Anything required to make the hyperreal server work
should go into /export/pub/apache/manual not into our cvs tree.

We can put all sorts of extra stuff into /export/pub/apache/* and stop
it getting into cvs with a .cvsignore file and in any case, we should
never check anything in from there anyway.

The cron job should be removed. We should update the site when we're
ready too not automatically from some cron job. This is a work area not
a web site, we may spend a few days upgrading documentation and you
don't want that being displayed on hyperreal. I haven't looked at the
cronjob but I suspect it's simplying doing a cvs update which will be
pretty bad when the release is made and we branch.

I think the .htaccess file should be removed from cvs.

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