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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: script added
Date Sun, 01 Dec 1996 19:42:42 GMT
Alexei Kosut <> writes:

> On 1 Dec 1996, Paul Richards wrote:
> > > I've written a Perl script,, and added it to the
> > > htdocs/manual directory. This script, when run, will go through and
> > > expand out all the header and footer includes, so that the user of
> > > Apache doesn't need to have SSI turned on, and turned on for .html
> > > files, to view the document. This also lets them use file:/// URLs to
> > > view the docs.
> > 
> > Not a bad idea but htdocs/manual isn't the place to put it. At this
> > stage I'd suggest ./support.
> But it's not for distribution. It stays in the manual directory, gets
> run, and then gets deleted before a release. It's a tool for the
> release engineer to use. I think it makes the most sense where it is.

In that case we should have somewhere for non-distributable
bits. Having a file in a distributable area that we're supposed to
delete when we do releases is just totally gross.

There's your release instructions as well. This stuff really doesn't
belong in the "product" area of the sources. We need a ./release
directory I think. There's no harm in distributing this stuff, in fact
people would be interested in it but it's not part of "Apache" in that
you don't need it to run the server.

I think this all needs a rethink for 2.0. The docs files are currently
tailored to the apache web site, in that they have SSI's and so forth
and we're planning to pre-process them before rolling tarballs. This
all seems cludgy to me. If anything we should tailor them to the
Apache release and pre-process them before installing them on
hyperreal, rather than the other way around.

These changes seem to have slipped through very, very close to the
release point so I guess we're going to have to live with it since the
tag and release will be in a few hours and I'm gonna be in bed
sometime soon.

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  Elsevier Science TIS online journal project.
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