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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: compiler troubles
Date Tue, 03 Dec 1996 15:10:48 GMT
Ben Laurie <> writes:

> > When Ben commits fixes for the OS specific problems that have been
> > reported, should we roll a 1.2b2 ?
> I'd say so.
> > 
> > ... unless everyone is happy for me to keep bouncing the reports
> > to the list. I have a goldfish-like attention span so can't remember
> > which ones are new/old.
> Well, we are getting repetition already, so I wouldn't want to carry on for
> too long without a reroll.

You've got to allow enough time for a reasonable selection of people to
try out the first cut, otherwise we'll be rolling new betas every five

Just put something up on the web site that lists the configuration
changes so they can see that their OS has already been flagged as
needing an update in the next beta to try and reduce the amount of
duplicate reports. We need a bug tracking mechanism, during beta the
beta testers should be able to check whether someone's already reported
the problem they're seeing.

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