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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: Config file `programming language'
Date Fri, 20 Dec 1996 10:38:28 GMT
Adam Sah <> writes:

> The Tcl community has had good experiences with using a Turing complete
>    config files; I think there was a paper in the Tcl'94 conference on the
>    pros and cons.  The upsides are pretty big; the downsides I've experienced
>    are:

I don't think we need a config "language". A yacc parser and a well
thought out configuration syntax is something I'm keen on. For 2.0
we've got the opportunity to throw away whatever we want and
re-implement it the way we think it should be.

The configuration mechanism is on of those things that needs a total
re-think since it's evolved ad-hoc and is getting to be a bit of a

As for m4. We don't really need to build anything specific into
Apache, if admins want to maintain their config files using m4
templates then they are free to do so, if we do decide to rethink all
this then a lex/yacc solution is my preferred choice.

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