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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: install: tag in Makefile.tmpl
Date Mon, 02 Dec 1996 09:59:11 GMT
Alexei Kosut <> writes:

> And I don't want an install script that just kinda half does the job,
> especially not this close to a release. An install script should,
> IMHO, install the binary, but also install the htdocs directory, and
> set up some config files with good default settings specific to the
> user's configuration. I think Tom or Paul or someone had mentioned tha
> they had something like this.

I wanted to see an install target and Tom said he already had a script
which he's sent me. I'll look at it after 1.2. For now I think we
should forget about it. We can do without lots of bug reports about
make install failing.

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