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From Ingram Leedy <>
Subject Re: AOL / Lynx problems
Date Tue, 17 Dec 1996 21:04:16 GMT
I experienced the problem with AOL, but now it seems
to be working fine.

Maybe they corrected the problem with their browser.

-- Ingram

Ed Korthof wrote:
> We're still having problems w/ AOL 3.0 for Windows... a when this came up,
> Rasmus suggested sending an HTTP 1.0 header back to see if that will fix
> the problem.
> While I'm in agreement that this should not go in any released version of
> Apache, at this point, since one of our clients uses AOL and we get a
> substancial number of hits from AOL -- and AOL isn't going to do jack
> about it -- I want to provide at least minimal service for AOL 3.0/win.
> Has anyone put together a patch for this?  If not, I'll work on it... just
> as something which is hard coded in, though, w/o a configuration option.
> Also, we've been getting requests from Lynx browsers with screwed up
> Accept strings, which are rejected w/ a 406 error.  Here's an example:
>    HTTP_ACCEPT = application/x-wais-source;q=0.000,
>    application/html;q=0.000, text/plain;q=0.000, text/html;q=0.000,
>    */*;q=0.001
> Clearly no browser should be sending a request w/ a q value of 0, but we
> might consider just disregarding the Accept header or the q values if we
> get such a request.  I remember there was a similar problem a while back,
> but I seem to remember that it had misformatted q values, rather that
> simply incorrect ones.  Any suggested solutions?
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