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From Gerry Lachac <>
Subject Re: WWW Form Bug Report: "Will not link with proxy_module: ld
Date Sat, 07 Dec 1996 20:49:55 GMT
At 05:59 PM 12/6/96 -0500, you wrote:
> Assuming that ld is not corrupt, that there are no file/directory problems,
> and that you're not running out of process memory somehow on the link, it
> sounds like the linker symbol table is overflowing, or something. If you
> try to build a bunch of other modules in (but not the proxy) does ld also
> core dump? The proxy will be the last thing that attempts to link, other
> than extra libs and system libs. It may be putting ld over the edge.

This must be some strange environment problem on my end.  I got it to work.
 What I do is after I run "Configure"  I need to go to modules/proxy and
type "make".  When I do that (i.e. build the proxy module first) and go
back up to the src directory and type "make", everything else compiles and
links without errors.  

If I type a "make clean" from the src directory and let the main Makefile
build everything (i.e. the main modules and the proxy), I get the link core
dump errors.  

Annoying, but I can get it to work.   Though I don't know why.  I've just
spent a good portion of the last week updating all the GNU tools on the
server, and all that has been building correctly "out of the box".  This is
the first setup problem I've run into in a while.

Thanks for your pointers, it made me try some things I wouldn't have
thought to do.  


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