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From Jake Buchholz <>
Subject Re: Guess what? suEXEC problems in 1.2b4...
Date Tue, 31 Dec 1996 22:59:16 GMT
Jason A. Dour had previously stated:
> On Tue, 31 Dec 1996, Jake Buchholz wrote:
> > However, I'm seeing the same results as I did when I first compiled 1.2b3's
> > suexec...  Any attempt to access a CGI that goes through the suexec results in
> > an Internal Server Error, and an error_log entry of "premature end of script",
> > nothing in cgi.log...
> > 
> > I went back to using the 1.2b3's suexec with Dour's patch (0.2.0), and it's
> > fine again...
> 	Well...  If you could, please put some debugging printf()'s in the
> code and find out why its dying...  It worked fine for me and Randy before
> rolling 1.2b4...  Since your setup has been the one dying repeatedly, I'd
> like to know why.  8)

Tracked it down, here's the code snipped from suexec.c:

    doclen = strlen(dwd);
/* above succeeded */
    if (strncmp(cwd, dwd, doclen) != 0) {
/* never gets to this point... */
        log_err("command not in docroot (%s/%s)\n", cwd, cmd);
/* never gets to this point either... */

taking a look at how dwd is defined in suexec.c...

    char dwd[MAXPATHLEN];   /* docroot working directory */

Are you sure you want to free(dwd); anywhere in suexec.c?

Jake Buchholz                            
Exec-PC Internet Systems Administrator               

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