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From "James H. Cloos Jr." <>
Subject mod_log_config: odd values for %T
Date Sun, 29 Dec 1996 21:11:51 GMT
While doing some stats on transfer sizes and times for our server, I
got an outrageously huge mean transfer duration and variance.

Turns out 30 of the 600k+ log lines had values for %T of seconds sice
the epoch, rather than durations.

The fix would be to check r->request_time in log_request_duration()
and return "-" iff r->request_time==0.

An example of the problem entries:

	date: 19961227002717
	status: 200
	final status: 200
	duration: 851668037
	remote host:
	port: 80
	pid: 31649
	clf-date: [27/Dec/1996:00:27:17 -0600]

Everything else, notably including the request and octets sent were
logged as `-'.

It is interesting to note that our nocol opens and closes a socket to
the daemon every so many minutes, w/o sending and data.  Those `hits'
do not get logged.  Whatever is generating those hits is doing more
than just an open/close.

P.S.  All of the other remote hosts were also ppp dialups.  They were
probably all 'doze; most, based on the remote name, were
unquestionably some version of 'doze....

James H. Cloos, Jr.         <URL:>           Work:
LPF,Usenix,SAGE,ISOC,ACLU   FB C2 B3 7A 50 44 AE 2D  C7 4C 1E C1 EF 7A FB 30


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