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From (Rob Hartill)
Subject AOL on CNET
Date Fri, 27 Dec 1996 23:25:56 GMT,4,6532,00.html

              America Online (AOL) has lifted a block of Web sites
              that rely on a new Internet protocol the company
              feared would cause problems with its browser, an
              AOL spokesman said today. 

              AOL had blocked access to sites that used HTTP 1.1,
              the latest edition of the basic protocol that transfers
              pages from Web servers, fearing that the new
              protocol would cause AOL's 16-bit browser to
              crash, according to company spokesman Tim

              Most of AOL's 7 million members use this browser
              and the block meant they were unable to access
              many Web sites, including several online shoppoing
              sites that were hoping for a last-minute rush the
              week before Christmas. Clifford said the block lasted
              about a week and was lifted on Christmas Eve. 

              "It was briefly blocked because [AOL] was
              concerned that the 1.1 protocol would cause
              problems with the system. They decided that they
              would tentatively let it go forward unless other
              problems developed with it," said Clifford. 

              AOL will continue monitoring the new protocol, but
              so far, users haven't reported any crashes or unusual
              browser behavior, according to Clifford.

              Webmasters of the sites that were blocked had
              complained loudly about AOL's decision to cut off
              access. They were especially miffed about a
              messages that AOL sent to its members that
              indicated that the problem emanated from the Web
              sites and not from AOL. 

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