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From Jake Buchholz <>
Subject Hm... What am I missing here?
Date Fri, 27 Dec 1996 03:58:38 GMT
I just got done compiling and installing 1.2b3 and the new suexec...  I've got
everything in place, proper permissions, and so forth, but when I try to get
to a CGI that would normally run through suexec, I get a "Internal Server
Error" instead of what I want.

cgi.log reports...

[21:35:10 26-11-96]: user mismatch (daemon)

However, in suexec.h...

#define HTTPD_USER "daemon"

is set, and in httpd.conf, the server's User setting is daemon...

Jake Buchholz                            
Exec-PC Internet Systems Administrator               

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