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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: AOL, BrowserMatch, allow/deny
Date Mon, 23 Dec 1996 15:11:20 GMT
> As I mentioned before, to get a complete solution to AOL we really need an
> extra API to parse headers before anything else happens. This would also tidy
> up the allow/deny stuff. I'm prepared to ruin my pre-Christmas Eve evening
> preparing such a fix if you lot are prepared to let me commit it.
> On the question of how to fix AOL (by 1.0 response or by cache busting), I
> think we should let the users decided. Although there is a certain pleasure to
> be gained by busting AOL's caches, it doesn't really fit with our stated
> mission, which is to provide a high-quality, free server.
> So, by all means, be rude about AOL, but don't break the Web in vengeance.
> Cheers,
> Ben.

The voice of reason speaks.... :)

I would support this change. If you can do it (and the baroness won't
hold it against you) please do. I have a feeling that we'll find some
other uses for it.

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