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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: WWW Form Bug Report: "sockets left in FIN_WAIT_2 lingering state" on SunOS 4.x (fwd)
Date Fri, 20 Dec 1996 12:49:21 GMT
Chuck Murcko wrote:

>> Can this bring down a server ?. I can see lots of these via netstat -a
>> and one of my machines just died.
>Answer to first question is, yes, eventually. A connection stuck in FIN_WAIT_2
>means its mbufs/mbuf_clusters(if system has the second) are not freed yet.
>Eventually the machine either gets kvm-starved (like SunOS will) or runs
>out of allocated non-kernel memory or list entries for mbuf_clusters.
>Without being able to timeout FIN_WAIT_2, like Solaris 2.5+ seems to, the
>only 'stable' recourse is to allocate a ton of mbufs/mbuf_clusters, and
>restart the machine or, if you can, the TCP stack (IRIX allows this)
>periodically. Otherwise you get the odd machine panic.

Thanks for the info. Looks like I'll have to do a reboot every once in
a while to clear things.

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