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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Memory fault ?
Date Mon, 16 Dec 1996 18:08:07 GMT
Paul Richards wrote:
>Rob Hartill <> writes:
>> I can't tie it to anything based on time/logs. It just ends up on STDERR
>> from a cron based server restart.
>Is the cron job starting Apache properly, i.e. in the right directory,
>correct paths etc. I'm not sure we've really nailed down all the
>configuration problems yet.

The cron's been there for months. Paths shouldn't be a problem since
everything is referenced with absolute paths.

>set_signals is called very late, Apache does all the configuration
>stuff, including calling setup_prelinked_modules, before the signal
>handlers are installed. Any problems during the setup will not get
>logged. I suspect this is what's happening.

It didn't happen during startup. I usually find them in my cron mail
but this one appeared on the console after a manual shutdown/restart.
The error appeared long after the restart.

>Compile a server with -g and run gdb on the core dump to find out
>where it's happening.

Mmm. maybe.

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