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From Rob Hartill <>
Date Sun, 15 Dec 1996 17:35:01 GMT
Andrew Wilson wrote:
>> If any of the cvs priv'ed folks +1 this, it can go in I think.
>> (makes the server name defineable from the Configuration/Makefile).
>What are you doing this for?  Changing the version of the server
>so's Wiley J. Hacker can't get any clues?

No. It's so that we can add product tokens to the server name via
the Configuration file..

EXTRA_CFLAGS="-DSERVER_VERSION=\"Apache/1.2 mod_perl/0.85_04\""

editing httpd.h all the time is a pain.

Apache + mod_perl is practically/functionally a different server to
the base Apache. I see no reason to hide that fact or make it a pain
to do so.

Doug's too modest to make noises here about mod_perl. It even
makes the coffee. It's a perl CGI replacement, but a *lot* more too.


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