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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Java config interface
Date Sun, 15 Dec 1996 17:30:34 GMT
> >Was it another one of my halucinations, or did I actually read a
> >few weeks back that someone on the list was working on a Java config
> >interface?  I'd like to play...
> uhm... yeah that was me... unfortunatly I am really fucking burnt
> and have a few more hours on it before it is acceptable...
> I'll let you know...
> -bill

Understand. This is not so much a request for code, but an offer to
help.  I have some other code for IncludeConf(), etc. that I have
been using, and some ideas about how I would like to use it if you
would like to talk.

(BTW - I offered IncludeConf() to the group sometime back and never
really got a response. I suppose that it is too late to add yet another
directive. IncludeConf() can be passed a filename or directory. In
the case of a directory, it will recurse the directory structure reading
in config files in that tree.)

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