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From Howard Fear <>
Subject Fwd> Re: resend: apache diffs
Date Sun, 15 Dec 1996 08:19:59 GMT
Coincidence?  After the brief discussion on new-httpd, someone
posted to the gnu win32 list that he was porting apache using 
the new win32 beta.  He has it working in single process mode (-X),
but has run into the following for a full implementation.  Since I
know nothing about NT, I thought I'd forward it to see if any of
y'all have ideas.

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I get stuck two places:

	-first of all when accessing the scoreboard file there's a
	 sharing violation error that is erroneously reported ( and
	 the write/read pass through) that set the errno.

	 The errno is not cleared when the child tries to select a socket
	 and this gives you a looping print in the error_log

	-second, also if you hard wired the errno to EINTR, the select
	 simply don't work, loops forever and sucks all the cpu

	-third (I've forgot) also if you put a sleep in the select cycle,
	 it don't work.

Someone wrote on this list that's probably because there'e no means in NT
to make different processes select on the same sockets.

The porting on NT is interesting enough, but I would prefer not to get stuck
in a dead way.

Some hints?

- -giovanni

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