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From Martin Kraemer <>
Subject Re: WWW Form Bug Report: "Linger ": Info
Date Thu, 12 Dec 1996 20:54:59 GMT
I wrote,...

> Only just now did I find the new function
>     static void lingering_close (int sd, server_rec *server_conf)
> which addresses exactly this problem.

Guys, you fixed it already!
When I looked at the code I found a new function lingering_close() which
does what I always intended to implement: a SO_LINGER which is started just
before closing the connection. And this function fixes the previously
broken connection, I don't lose a single Byte! And: It's built-in
BY DEFAULT! The USE_SO_LINGER switch is only a safety net for the
unprobable case that this function does NOT work.

I'm so glad! You finally fixed it _perfectly_, congratulations!

Yes, I am at home now, connected with my usually "lossy" server (I
tried many things to fix the SO_LINGER problem back when I used the
Cern server, only to give up in the end and use a more modern SINIX
version on a different machine) via PPP and a slow 14400 link.
And I use apache-1.2b2++ on the other end.

So, to repeat my previous claim:
> the answer to this guy's
> message is just "it's now automatic".

Who's going to tell him? I already deleted his letter....

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