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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: 1.2b2 cosmetique fix: remove compiler warning (fwd)
Date Wed, 11 Dec 1996 21:51:32 GMT
Rob Hartill wrote:
> No offense intended, but why are we bundling fastcgi when it isn't
> keeping pace with 1.2-dev ? It might also be giving the impression that
> it's the Group's prefered route to speedier CGI. It's not mine. Not that
> I have anythng against mod_fastcgi, I just find mod_perl to be ideal for
> my needs.
> I won't go as far as suggesting it be removed but I would recommend that
> anything this big that's managed outside of the Group should come with a
> committment from the author(s) to keep it current.
> mod_fastcgi seems to be the only mod_* file that deosn't have the Apache
> license. Do we need to make that a requirement from now on for bundled
> modules ?

I never did understand why it was "officially" added. Of course, we
are also under a similar thing with the regex stuff, aren't we?
Of course, it's more "standalone" than any module...
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