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From Howard Fear <>
Subject mod_include.c patches
Date Sat, 07 Dec 1996 06:55:26 GMT
Here are several patches for mod_include.c to fix recent reports.
I'm not sure how to submit multiple patches to the list and I'm
also not sure just how good patch is, so...  I created the patches
in the order listed and they will apply that way.  I don't know if
one can be skipped and have everything else apply correctly.

1) The patch that I submitted a couple of days ago which recieved
   one +1 and fizzled.  Fixes an ommision that caused include variables
   to not be parsed in config errmsg directives.  Potential
   incompatibilites are the same as the extensions of mod_include

2) Patch submitted by Ben Yoshino <>
   to allow backslash quoting of characters that would otherwise
   be taken as value terminators.  Ex:
       <!--exec cmd="echo \"hello, world\"" -->
   Potential incompatibilities only to people who carelessly throw
   around '\'s.

3) Patch to fix the other part of the problem report submitted by
   Ben Yoshino <>.  I took that approach
   outlined in my email this morning and added a flag to parse_string
   to pass the variable name through on the exec cmd directive when
   the variable hasn't been defined.  It will still substitute a
   null value for all other directives.  It will also substitute a
   null value if the variable has been defined with a null value:
      <!--#if expr="$notset" -->   # substitutes null (if fails)
      <!--#exec cmd="echo '$notset'" -->   # echo '$notset'
      <!--#set var="notset" value="" -->
      <!--#exec cmd="echo '$notset'" -->   # echo ''
   I believe that this approach minimizes the potential incompatibilties
   for current ssi and xssi users.

4) Patch to fix compiler warnings reported by
   Changes are cosmetic and shouldn't effect logic.

Howard Fear      email1:

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