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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Additional feature patches for Apache 1.2b1
Date Fri, 06 Dec 1996 03:38:34 GMT

Lou, these features will have to wait for 2.0.  1.2 is pretty much
feature frozen. At least, that's what everyone would like to think.

Lou D. Langholtz wrote:
>A couple of the features I've added to Apache 1.1.1 didn't make it into
>the 1.2b1 release so I've redone the patches against 1.2b1 (since I
>still needed them anyway and thought maybe others would as well).
>Hopefully if the Apache developers group is interested in these added
>features redoing the patches towards 1.2b1 will also help get them into
>1.2 eventually ;-)
>See them at
>Here's a quick summary of the two features:
>1. AccessFileName can accept multiple filenames. The code will search
>for one after the other till it finds one and then use that one. This
>gives users a way to customize their htaccess files on a per web server
>basis (usefull if you have multiple different servers that can all serve
>the same pages).
>2. HostnameLookups can be given "on", "off", "minimum", or "maximum"
>giving a sysadmin a runtime way to choose between single or double DNS

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