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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: apache 1.2b1 build problems on Solaris 2
Date Thu, 05 Dec 1996 21:52:58 GMT


thanks for the info. A new beta should be available at the beginning of
next week with these problems addressed.

WWW server manager wrote:
>On Solaris 2.4 (SPARC, not x86) with V4.0 of Sun's C compiler:
>(1) mod_expires causes a link error as it uses the index() function. That
>exists only in the BSD compatibility library, and 
>(a) the BSD compatibility library and headers are an option at operating system 
>installation time and may well not be installed, plus
>(b) mixing the native and BSD compatibility libraries is a big no-no, leading 
>to endless confusion (not least due to identically-named routines with 
>different argument lists), so that in effect you cannot use index() even if the 
>compatibility library is installed (unless you use *only* the BSD stuff).
>(2) Though it worked without comment in the old version of the C compiler which 
>was installed here previously, -O2 as a compiler option is invalid with V4.0 of 
>the compiler, as now used here. I'd guess that maybe it was invalid before and 
>the "2" was simply ignored... "-O" is valid, but does not take an optimisation 
>level; fine control is specified with "-xO4" etc., -O being equivalent to 
>-oX2. -O2 is now treated as -O plus an unknown option -2 which the compiler
>announces will be passed to ld ...
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