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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject WWW Form Bug Report: "initializing modules multiple times" on OSF/1 (fwd)
Date Wed, 04 Dec 1996 23:27:33 GMT

not acked.

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Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed Dec  4 13:40:10 1996
Subject: WWW Form Bug Report: "initializing modules multiple times" on OSF/1

Operating system: OSF/1, version: 
Version of Apache Used: 1.1.1
Extra Modules used: my own
URL exhibiting problem: 

read_config initializes all the modules
since the server calls this twice when standalone,
killing all subprocess between calls, my module
opens its first dbm (one of many) and before being
able to stick the neccesary null key in, gets

I'm checking standalone in my mod->init so this
doesn't happen.  There is good reason to remove the
module initialization from read_config.
Just because you want to config does not mean you
want to init.  (As in my perl module which allows
perl programs to use the apache core and poke at
configuration structures, etc..)




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Rob Hartill.       Internet Movie Database Ltd.  

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