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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: Blaze??
Date Tue, 03 Dec 1996 15:17:39 GMT
More on this Blaze thing.  Suppose you had two xSpeed aware poxies
back to back.  They could send requests to each other with 'Accept:
xSpeed/compressed' (or some such MIME), and once satisfied could
then do the compression/encapsulation dance to send responses.

Mmm, besides, once two proxies have identified that they understand
the same transfer protocol they can just open a UDP line and send
their information down that, provided it doesn't abuse HTTP's
various safeguards.

Roy F, is this just hokum?  Is there already a sensible mechanism
for speeding up transfers between Proxies that doesn't go against
the letter of the HTTP law?

The people at have been searching for a way to get
people thinking about using proxies and sensibly optimise traffic
on the net.  They wanted to see Apache 'do something' that made
their ideas more prevalent and the internet more 'green'.  Perhaps
this is, indirectly, the sort of thing they'd go for.

Datalytics are giving the server software away free.  Perhaps they
realise that they're only gonna make money if a *lot* of people
are sending xSpeed/compressed data over the web.  They *have* to
to convince a lot of admins that it's worth the coffeebreak to
install their gear.

I'm suprised that they haven't approached AG to see if they could
get their kit bundled in the next release (mmm, commercial
coercion...).  <ahem>if anyone would like to broker a deal whereby
a company's product receives a helping hand from AG, in return for
a dozen P6 laptops and 100K miles on Delta Air, then now would be
a good time...</ahem>

[Oh yeah, I made xSpeed/compressed up, for sake of argument]


> Just picked up this story from browserwatch.  I haven't seen it
> discussed on this list before, but they say it will work with apache ...
> Mike
> ----
> "There's a new technology being discussed called
> Blaze from Datalytics that should speed up browsing performance by
> '5x to 20x'. It avoids extra HTTP sessions by encapsulating all those
> inline GIFs and the HTML into a single HTTP transaction. So it
> requires modification of the server software, not the browser. A
> beta'll be out in December."

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