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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: Blaze??
Date Tue, 03 Dec 1996 14:33:09 GMT
Mmm, isn't this just a smart cache?  Something like a souped up
squid or harvest that lookaheads one link from the page the user
just downloaded?  You *could* just possibly do the same thing if
you had some funky Java applet snagging the part of the browser's
API that does the URL fetch, but then I dunno how much access Java
is given to augmenting user intentions.

I guess in addition that a cache that smart could use http keepalive
to transfer info from itself to the browser, even if the original
source site for the information didn't employ keepalives.

As for compression, mmm, tricky.  Either the server is .gzipping
everything and praying that the browser has been configured to
uncompress the resulting spew before taking a look at the mime type
and deciding how to handle it (render page, boost helper app, barf
etc...) .. OR .. their alleged client technology is (pause for
breath), a plugin or applet that handles MIME type xSpeed/compressed
data and which following uncompression is able to pass the resulting
spew to the bit of the client's API that does the 'if (type==foo)
then &render_as_foo()' routine.

Anyway, that's what I'd do.

Ay. (mmm, squid soup)

> Just picked up this story from browserwatch.  I haven't seen it
> discussed on this list before, but they say it will work with apache ...
> Mike
> ----
> "There's a new technology being discussed called
> Blaze from Datalytics that should speed up browsing performance by
> '5x to 20x'. It avoids extra HTTP sessions by encapsulating all those
> inline GIFs and the HTML into a single HTTP transaction. So it
> requires modification of the server software, not the browser. A
> beta'll be out in December."

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