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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: 1.2b1
Date Wed, 20 Nov 1996 23:03:51 GMT
On Wed, 20 Nov 1996, Rob Hartill wrote:
> Please remind me if there's anything important missing.

I'm not sure this is getting the updating it needs;

> Bugs:
> 	-=-=-=-=-=-
> 	SIGUSR1/graceful restarts 
> 	Problem: Under FreeBSD, this is lethal. USR1 followed by HUP takes down
> 	te server. Paul S (?) reported annoying processes after a USR1.
> 	To do: Is there any documentation on this ? If there is, add a huge
> 	warning. 
> 	patch to warn people away (via comments) committed.
> 	bug confirmed by Brian on BSDI.

I think the current state of the code is all we're going to end up with for
1.2b1 - hopefully some kind soul out there will look into it and provide a
patch after release.  Documenting it is all that really can be done now.

> 	-=-=-=--=-=-=-
> 	SSI causes bytes sent count to be waaay too low.
> 	For each SSI include, apache substracts bytes sent so far from
> 	its counter (thinking bytes sent so far = headers only)
> 	patch waiting for one more +1

Anyone else want to vote on this?  

> 	-=-=-=-=--=--==
> 	From: Roy
> 	The problem is that a request on /dir/ is internally redirected to
> 	/dir/index.html, which properly results in a 304 Not Modified.  However,
> 	the r->status is not updated to reflect new->status (and anything else
> 	that might need to be promoted).

Current status - we're still waiting for someone to speak up on whether it's a
major problem or not.  I don't know that area of the code well enough, though I
can't say that promotion of error code from sub-redirects has been a problem
for me personally.  Again, flag it as a known bug is probably the best we can
do here, unless someone wants to speak up.

> 	-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
> 	1.2-dev still has this bug in it.  get_client_block needs to
> 	check for the -1 error case from the call to bread().
> 	patch offered. positive feedback so far.

Yes, another vote or comment would be greatly appreciated.

Another bug, since last night: Roy's claim of CGI schitzo behavior and improper
dealing with CONTENT_LENGTH.  This is a showstopper in my opinion until more
voices are heard.



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